Lemon and Rosemary Salt in the making! Beautiful on roast potatoes and chicken! Find a nice container, wrap it up in some cellophane for the perfect hostess gift. Ingredients- Lemon rind pealed very thinly with no pith. Fresh rosemary washed and dried. A box of good quality gourmet salt eg- Maldon salt or better yet Australian Pink Murray River Salt. There are no hard and fast rules about quantities, for 1 box of Maldon Salt I would add about 1/4 cup of dried lemon peal and 1/4 cup of dried rosemary. Be adventurous and try other ingredients,herbs and dried chillies. Method- Pull all the leaves off the Rosemary stalks and roughly chop. Roughly chop the lemon rind. Place on a baking tray in a 150 c oven and dry slowly. When cool,chop some more until it looks about the same size as the salt, or if you have a small spice grinder use that. mix in with the salt and allow to infuse for a few days. Easy! If the ingredients are dried properly this will last for a year or more. When I go out shopping or to the antique shops l always look out for some interesting little jars or containers, even some little spoons to tie on top,to have on hand for that quick little gift. Enjoy! #gift #melbourne #cooking #baking #chef #presant #Xmas #birthday


honey.im.home.choc posted this picture tagged #xmas to Instagram on May 29, 2016 at 02:59AM.

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